Friday, August 28, 2009

An Award !!

Hey guys,
I've recieved an award, and I can't believe it!!
I'm so happy.. and I would love to thank Rachel, who has an amazing blog- for giving me this award.

Now for the hard bit.

There are a few rules to go with this award..
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Say 7 thing about yourself that people might find interesting
5. Nominate 7 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the 7 people you nominate
7. Leave comments on all your nominations blog's, to let them know you nominated them

All they rules seem simple really because apart from number 4 you would usually do them anyway.. making it all the easier, lol!

7 things about me:
(these aren't interesting really, but I tried my best!)
1. I have got braces on my teeth
2. I love listening to music, all the time!
3. I have 2 rabbits (thumper&flopsie), 1 dog (batista) and 5 fish of my own& 6 family fish.. making 11 altogether.
4. I am sitting my Standard Grade Exams a year earlier than most schools.
5. I absolutley adore making cakes& decorating them!
6. I hate wasp's, bee's & bird's.
7. I love french.

7 nominations:
1. My gran (Lynne)
2. My mum (Suzanne)
3. Helen
4. Tanja
5. Sanne
6. Jack
7. Anyone else who does not yet have this award :)!

Thanks again Rachel!

Big Hugs,
Kimmie xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another late one!!

Hello there guys!
Here I am back with another creation. I wasn't too late for PFP challenge last night, as it changes at 9.00am, Phew! This time I would like my creation to be entered in The Little Yellow Challenge, which is something other than a card, so I've made a mirror.
I never quite made it... I bought it plain to alter, from my local craft shop- 'The Edinburgh Craft Shop'.
I then painted it black, using acryllic paint, then i stamped 2 swirls in the corners using a clear stamp covered with pink acryllic paints, but it never worked out very well, so i went over it with a paintbrush& the paint.. I then did some dots around the glass with an embossing tool dipped in the acryllic pink again. I then stuck 2 black gem stones,1 pink pearl then another black gemstone on the glass, which you can only see in one picture, as I had to cover the glass with paper to get a decent picture (well my mum did,as she took the pictures... which you may be able to guess as you get further down the post, lol!).
Well here it is...

(that's my mum taking the picture, just trying to get the gem stones& pearls in which are in the top right-hand corner!)

and my swirls...

and the other one...

I hope you like it :).

Big Hugs,

A Little Late! ...

Hello Guys, Sorry I haven't posted for ages! but here I am back with a card, now I think I have probably missed it as I am so late in putting this on tonight but I would like my card to be entered for the passion for promarkers challenge this week which is a sketch and any colours of your choice. I really enjoyed making this card and I hope you'll enjoy looking at it :D! so here it is..

The sentiment reads: 'Hope You Have A Toad-ally Cool Birthday!' as it is a toad on the front of the card, get it? haha.. oh well: I found it funny& rather witty for me:)!

My Recipe:

(Well this is going to be fun& games as i was using old stuff after I had a craft clearout!)
Image: recieved from an imgae swap, I think!
Colouring: Promarkers-I will update this with the colours soon, as I'm at grannys and my mum has ran off wtih all her promarkers.
From a pack 'Cardmaker's Creativity Pack, The Ultimate Collection'

Were punched from leftover bits of my paper with a brad stuck through them.

Printed off the dreaded old computer!! (well its not old, but thats what my granny calls it, just 'cos she cant use it- heehee!)

Thank you so much for looking, I hope you like it!!

Big Hugs,