Saturday, June 6, 2009

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Good afternoon there all you lovely people :)! hope your all well and having a good weekend. Im here today to show you a tiny little creation I've made!! and when I say tiny, I mean tiny! I was at the gala day today at Mayfield and won a bottle of Red spicy mulled wine on a tombola, and as I dont like wine..
and Im too young =O! and no-one else in my house likes it, I've decided to give it to my uncle&aunty (Stephen&Sarah). So I thought I would decorate it a bit.. and although its not very much I quite like it so I thought I would show it to you guys.

Here you go then ....

and my wee bit of decoration .....

.. and since I haven't really done that much to it, theres no point in giving a recipe, so will just tell you what I done:
* I ran some cream & red CS through the bug with some label nesties to get my shapes.
I wrote 'Stephen&Sarah xxx' onto the cream bit and stuck it onto the red bit.

* Put 3 little red gems going round the side of the curve.

* Stuck it onto the top of the bottle with a glue dot.
* Tied a bow around the neck of the bottle with some cream ribbon from my stash.

I hope you like it, please leave comments if you have a few spare moments - Thankyou to those who do leave comments, it really encourages me, to acctually see that people do look at my work and do acctually like it - thanks again xx.



Suzanne said...

Beautiful, Kim! Did they like it?

Suzanne x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Hi Kimmie, That was so kind of you and I bet your Aunt and Uncle loved their gift and tag, Have a great weekend, Hugs, Nikki x