Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blog Award !

Hi Guys,
sorry I haven't been on this for a long time, theres alot of stuff going on right now& we are trying to move house too, so all the crafting goodies are packed away :(
So there will be no more work until we are in the new house,
but I have noticed that quite a bit of time ago my mum gave me an award, so I thought it was about time to collect it :).

Thanks mum, this is great and I love getting blog awards, it makes me feel so good to see that people acctually do look at my blog and do like my work.
So thanks again, and by receiving this, I pass it on to 5 people.
This is gonna be hard 'cos most people already have it but here are some people who's work I really really like :

1. Lorraine
2. Chrissie
3. Katy
4. Emma
5. Karen

So have fun guys, keep cool & i will post as soon as im in my new 'crib' and have unpacked all the goodies :)



Katy said...

Thank you so much Kimmie for passing this award to me :)

I love your creations


Karen said...

wow thank you so much for the award, that has really cheered me up as I fell in the snow yesterday and broke my leg, and am in a lot of pain today. Like you said yourself its great to know people are taking the time to look at your blog, so thank you again very, I'm really chuffed

Karen said...

wow think your creations are fab, then when I looked at your profile discovered you are only 13, well done you, you have alot of talent x x x

Chrissie said...

Hi Kimmie!
Thank you so much for this award, I really appreciate it.
I was looking at your blog and I just LOVE all your creations, when I saw your profile I couldn't believe your age! You are so talented, I shall be adding your blog to my favourites, so I can come back to see what else you get up to on a regular basis.

emma said...

hi kimmie, thank you so much for this award im gobsmacked when i look at the other very talented ladies you have also chosen. im also stunned that you are 13 years old, you have an exception talent hun, love your blog and will be adding it to my blog roll.
thanks again ( just rolling out the red carpet lol)
love n hugs
emma xxx